Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Author, Speaker, ABC Television & Radio Presenter, Senior Court Reporter

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Becoming the Story - Discussion Panel

Jamelle spoke about her court room experiences at the Sydney Writers Festival and shared the stage with Hugh Riminton.

Jamelle discussed her distinguished career and  how she has dealt with covering some of the most high profile crimes.

Jamelle Wells - Author

Jamelle shared her insights on the 1st of May, 2018 at the Sydney Writers Fesitival into the judges, lawyers, barristers, witnesses and victims she has encountered in a distinguished career.

She has written her memoir - The Court Reporter spanning 10 years of high profile and petty crimes.

The Court Reporter available online:


The Court Reporter by ABC Books now available.


 Jamelle was invited back to Studio Ten to talk about more of the court cases she has covered.